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Ramadan Activities

Going the Extra Mile to Help the Impoverished

Every year during the holy month of Ramadan, HOPE amps up its efforts to help the impoverished.  From giving children in HOPE schools a new outfit for Eid, to sponsoring community iftar events, to distributing food staples and zakat (Islamic almsgiving), HOPE strives to make this month special for all.

Community Iftars

Bringing Families Together

After a Day of Fasting

HOPE has been sponsoring Ramadan iftars in its formal schools in Pakistan (in Zia Colony: 610 students, Muzaffargarh: 320 students, and Thatta: 340 students) for the past ten years.  Iftar is the meal that Muslims eat at sundown after a day of fasting.  Providing dinner for one child costs £2.5 and as a donor you can sponsor an entire school or a group of children.

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Distribution of New Clothes

for Eid

Doing What’s Needed

The almost 10,000 students who attend HOPE's formal and home schools in Pakistan come from backgrounds of extreme poverty.  They are used to sacrificing even the basics such as a meal, clean water, and proper housing.  We have made it a tradition to gift them with new outfits every Eid.  A new outfit for a child is just £11.  It is a small gesture that means the word to them.

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Distribution of Food Rations

Tackling Hunger

HOPE distributes monthly food rations year-round and especially during Ramadan.  Each family is provided with necessities such as rice, flour, lentils, and dry foods.  For just £25 you can provide one month of food rations to a family of 8.

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Improving the Community

Better Health and Education for Everyone

HOPE uses general donation (Sadaqa) funds towards health and educational activities that improve the community as a whole such as hospital beds, hospital equipment, surgical equipment, neonatal incubators, desks for students, and teaching supplies.

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