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200 Food Ration Bags Distributed in Thatta

Dear HOPE Friends,

HOPE USA's Food Rations Campaign continues. Prior to Ramadan, we had distributed 1,000 food rations to poor families who were financially impacted by coronavirus. To date in Ramadan we have distributed 500 rations and plan to do 500 more before the month ends. Below, please find the pictures of the distribution in Thatta. We were able to give 200 families in Thatta food rations for one month. Thank you all for your generosity in supporting this project.

As a side note, we have collected funds for food rations to Kashmir families. All the roads leading into Kashmir are currently blocked due to the lockdown. HOPE has sent money to 100 families so that they can acquire their own food rations because we are unable to access the area. Once the lockdown opens, we plan to give food rations to 100 more families in Kashmir.

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE USA


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