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200 Students in Mujahid Colony Gifted Eid Clothes and Given Food Rations for Their Families

Dear HOPE Friends,

Today, 200 marginalized students from HOPE's home schools in Mujahid Colony (urban slum within Karachi, Pakistan) received brand new Eid Clothes and One-month Food Ration bags to take home to their families. These Zakat-eligible projects are funded by your generous donations to our eponymous campaigns. The students who attend HOPE schools are children of laborers and blue collar workers whose families are barely getting by with the basics of food and shelter. A new Eid outfit is a rare luxury to them and instills in them a sense of self-worth and potential. The food ration bags are a pragmatic solution to hunger that many of them face on a daily basis.

Currently we plan to distribute a total of 2,000 new Eid Clothes and 2,000 Food Ration bags to underserved children and families in urban slums in Pakistan along with remote and rural areas. It is not too late to contribute to these noble Zakat-eligible causes:

Eid Clothes: Just $12 or £9 or PKR 1,500/child/outfit

Food Ration Bag: Just $23 or £19 or PKR 4,000/family of 8/month

For US donations:

For Pakistan Donations:

Faysal Bank A/C # 0333007900198120

United Bank A/C # 000203948741

Habib Bank A/C # 0786-00099297-03

For UK donations:

Take care and stay safe!

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE USA


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