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HOPE Updates Korangi Hospital to Handle Coronavirus

Dear HOPE Supporters,

We hope and pray that your families and friends are safe in this coronavirus scare. The HOPE Hospital in Korangi was updated through the support of generous donors and is ready to face the crisis which is making its way through Karachi. The following renovations were done:

  • Zia Hospital was recently renovated with a fresh coat of paint giving it a new look.

  • New benches and a TV is placed in the reception area, so people can wait patiently for their turn.

  • A puliya/ramp near the hospital was re constructed over a sewer by HOPE, as the previous ramp was completely destroyed. The new ramp has reduced the time and hassle of ambulances and other vehicles in reaching the hospital. Saving time and lives of patients.

  • More oxygen cylinders have been arranged, with the increasing number of patients.

  • The hospital road has been flattened-out even and excessive abandoned junk was removed, so that people and vehicles can commute faster.

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HO


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