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Newsflash: Pakistan TV Stations Feature HOPE/Asia Petroleum Partnership

Dear HOPE Friends,

Last week, HOPE's long-standing partnership with Asia Petroleum made the rounds on local news channels in Pakistan, courtesy of the doubling-up of efforts extended since the Pakistan Flood Crisis put one-third of the country under water in August 2022. In this recent collaboration, over 12,000 poor people received food rations and blankets to help them through the winter months. Dozens of marginalized villager communities have been turned upside down amidst uprooted homes since the onset of the deluge over six months ago and rehabilitation remains a critical component of long-term relief efforts.

HOPE and Asia Petroleum have collaborated closely to bring healthcare to poor communities in far-flung villages of HUB, Balochistan for over ten years. This has been achieved by the establishment of two Mobile Health Units which service 20 villages in rural Balochistan; doctors travel from Karachi, Sindh to attend to these MHUs which are able to provide healthcare to over 80,000 villagers per year. Over 70 percent of patients are women and children. Specifically with regards to the Pakistan Flood Crisis, HOPE and Asia Petroleum have come together to provide food rations, medical camps, and blankets to over 35,000 flooding victims in the past six months. HOPE's beneficiary count for the Pakistan Flood Crisis has reached 115,000 impoverished, Zakat-eligible individuals so far.

We are especially grateful to Asia Petroleum for their trust in our efforts to execute aid to those who need it most. Additionally, we are extremely appreciative to our donors which have gone to extra lengths to sponsor various relief efforts pertaining to this crisis and allowed us to reach so many people during this national emergency.

Warm regards,

The HOPE UK Team


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