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Is my donation to HOPE UK eligible for gift aid?


Yes, your donation is eligible for UK gift aid.  HOPE UK is an accredited through the UK Charity Commission (1159221).   You can learn more about tax benefits at


Can I donate towards specific projects or events?


Yes, our donation page has a list of current projects.  If you have a specific request or project that you would like to donate for, please contact us and we will be glad to work with you.


How does HOPE UK receive funds?


HOPE UK receives funds through grants and from individuals from around the United Kingdom, Europe, and abroad.  We also occasionally host fundraisers and special events.

How does HOPE UK spend general funds?

HOPE USA utilizes its general funds to support projects with the greatest need in order to maximize the effect of our poverty alleviation efforts in Pakistan.  We will also collect monies in advance of larger projects.  You may choose to make a general donation or for a specific project.

I would like to speak with someone directly.  How can I contact someone at HOPE UK via phone?


You may speak to our Director, Dr. Afil Jamali +44 7960 616632 or email us at 


Who are the people behind HOPE UK?


HOPE UK is currently run by a team of volunteers from across the United Kingdom as well as the United States. Please see the "Our Team" page for the current team.  We are always in need of volunteers to help us.

Frequently Asked Questions
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