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First Ever Laparoscopic Surgery for Ovarian Cyst Performed at HOPE Hospital - Zia Colony

Dear HOPE Friends,

The images below are not of a private hospital for the privileged in Pakistan - rather, these pictures depict the first ever laparoscopic surgery performed for the removal of a potentially cancerous ovarian cyst at HOPE Hospital in Zia Colony, Karachi, Pakistan. And yes, we are proud to say that this life-saving surgery was performed free of charge for a deserving, zakat-eligible, unmarried, 18 year old girl. A Zakat donation of just $150 to HOPE USA's Save Maternal & Infant Lives in Pakistan campaign paid for this successful outpatient operation.

Zainab (name changed to protect identity) is an 18 year old female who had been experiencing severe abdominal pain for the past year. An ultrasound surgery revealed that she had 8 cm by 10 cm potentially cancerous cyst growing on her ovary. Various medications to try to reduce the size of the cyst failed and doctors were left with no decision but to operate. Since Zainab was an unmarried young girl, HOPE doctors knew that an operation on her abdomen which would leave a scar would introduce unnecessary speculation and social stigma into her life. In order obtain the same successful results and preserve the social dignity of Zainab, our head gynecologist, Dr. Rehana did the honors of performing the first ever laparoscopic procedure for the removal of an ovarian cyst in HOPE Hospital - Zia Colony.

A life-saving surgery such as this was paid for by a Zakat donation of just $150! Thank you to all our supporters who are behind each and every milestone that we reach!

To donate zakat towards a life-saving surgery such as this, simply choose Save Maternal & Infant Lives from our dropdown menu:

OR donate via our Global Giving campaign:

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE North America & Europe


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