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Gift a Needy Child Eid Clothes This Ramadan! ⭐

Dear HOPE Friends,

❤️ Gift a Needy Child Eid Clothes This Ramadan ❤️

🦺 As has been our tradition for the past 15 years, we are on a mission to spread smiles this Ramadan!

🎁 By gifting needy children across Pakistan with Eid clothes, we address the critical, yet often overlooked psychosocial aspect of freedom from poverty. _You can participate in this effort by donating any amount towards our Eid Clothes campaign - each outfit is £11 and this cause is Zakat-Eligible. _

🎉 Our distribution will take place a few days before Eid and we are aiming to distribute Eid clothes to 2,000 children.

☑️ You can join this Zakat-Eligible cause by donating via any of the methods below:

🔹 The HOPE UK Website:

🔹 Mail a Check to: HOPE Charities UK, 12 Brantingham Road, Elloughton, HU15 1Hx (Please include your email address for a tax receipt.)

🔹 Bank Transfer: | Bank Name: Barclays Bank Plc. | Account No: 23930904 | Sort Code: 20-26-46 | Swift Code: BARCGB22 | IBAN: GB37-BARC-2026-4623-9309-04 | Routing No (only required for US donors): 026002574 | (Please include your email address for a tax receipt.)

🔹 LaunchGood Campaign:

💝 A new Eid outfit has numerous benefits, many of which are intangible. Often one can establish various pragmatic avenues to poverty alleviation, however the psychosocial development of children is not addressed as effectively with an exclusive focus on basic needs. After all, how can children overcome poverty if their mindset is still trapped in their past?

🏆 By gifting needy children with a new Eid outfit, we have observed the following:

♦️ The children learn to realize that they too are valued members of society

♦️ The children wear their Eid outfits throughout the year at every school ceremony

♦️ The children feel honored and happy on Eid as they are able to enjoy the small luxury of new clothes

♦️ This is the one time during the year where a majority of the children receive new clothes

🌹 Thank you for understanding the significance of mental health upon children and the delicate nature of poverty, including the toll it takes on the human mind.

Warm regards,

The HOPE UK Team


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