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Hundreds of Poor Students Enjoy Community Iftars and Receive Food Rations and Eid Clothes

Dear HOPE Friends,

HOPE UK continued distribution of Food Rations and Eid Clothes while treating hundreds of underprivileged students across Pakistan to Iftar in a community setting.*

We will continue distributing Door-to-Door Iftar, Food Rations, and Eid Clothes until Eid and are actively collecting donations until then. Please help spread the word! Door-to-Door Iftar: $1/person [Zakat-eligible]

Monthly Food Rations: $33/family of 8 [Zakat-eligible]

Eid Clothes: $17/child [Zakat-eligible]

Donations can be made via our website:

or LaunchGood Campaigns:

We are grateful to each and every one of you for your trust in our work! Below please enjoy pictures of children benefitting from your generosity during this blessed month.

Warm regards, The HOPE UK Team

*Note: Community Iftars are sponsored by Sadaqa funds as opposed to Door-to-Door Iftars which are Zakat-eligible.


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