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Zia Colony Secondary School Students Celebrate Academic Accomplishments

Dear HOPE Friends,

Recently, students at our HOPE Zia Colony Secondary School enjoyed an afternoon of celebrating their accomplishments during the school year. We wanted to share with you the success of these 610 students who have overcome obstacles of poverty and excelled despite financial hardships in life.

Zia Colony is an urban slum located within the Karachi, Pakistan metropolitan area. Many of you may not know that HOPE’s formal school in Zia Colony began humbly with only 60 students studying up to fifth grade. Classes were held in four classrooms adjacent to the HOPE Zia Colony Hospital. In 2002, the Embassy of Japan generously sponsored construction of a new school building which supported students up to high school levels. Today, 610 students are enrolled in HOPE’s Zia Colony school. Most of these students come from extremely poor backgrounds; tuition and books are free of charge, or a nominal amount is taken from those who can afford it. The curriculum at Zia Colony is well-rounded and students participate in sports, art competitions, and field trips. Students are passing their high school board exams with flying colors.

Thank you for your kind support of our formal schools such as Zia Colony which are located in extremely poor neighborhoods and where children are given a chance to succeed through your generous Zakat donations!

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE North America & Europe


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