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HOPE Hosts Outdoor Iftar for 260 Students in Zia Colony School

Dear HOPE Friends,

Yesterday, HOPE USA hosted an outdoor iftar for 260 marginalized children who attend HOPE's Zia Colony Formal School. Zia Colony is an urban slum within Karachi, Pakistan. The children were thrilled to enjoy a special meal with their classmates and HOPE Pakistan founder, Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla. The boys were also gifted new jeans which were generously donated to us by a local factory.

Refashioning a child's mentality is a unique tool in HOPE's long-term efforts to end poverty which has often been overlooked by other organizations. We wish to extend our gratitude to our generous supporters who sponsor our various poverty-alleviation measures. Events such as our community iftars are a subtle yet crucial long-term component of a comprehensive approach to ending poverty which accounts for a human being's mental capacity to realize their potential.

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE USA


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