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“No matter how dire the current situation in Pakistan, or the obstacles we face in the future -there is always hope.” 


Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla 

Founder of HOPE UK 


Our footprint throughout Pakistan:

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HOPE provides free to minimal cost healthcare to over 500,000 impoverished patients every year.  We have a network of hospitals, maternal health centers, basic health clinics, and mobile health clinics throughout Pakistan.

Emergency Relief

Rebuilding after Natural Disasters

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Our Impact in Pakistan


HOPE has been in the forefront of health and education initiatives in Pakistan since 1997.  That's over 20 years!

Multiple Ways of Helping

HOPE believes that health and education are basic human rights so we address both to alleviate poverty.


HOPE has been vetted by major companies and organizations and is a trustworthy charity.


We like to keep our donors up to date about our projects and initiatives in Pakistan.


We are able to maximize your donations because we rely on dedicated volunteers to help us.

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Aqua Project

  • 50 hand pumps installed to date in rural and remote areas which serve 50,000 people

  • 3 million PuR water sachets distributed to date

Emergency Relief

  • 50,000 total victims aided to date in natural disasters such as the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2007 Sindh floods

  • Over 2 million PuR sachets distributed to date


  • 4 hospitals: 550,000 patients/year total

  • 5 Maternal & Child Health Centers: 55,000 patients/year total

  • 1 Basic Health Unit: 40,000 patients/year total

  • 2 Mobile Health Units: 70,000 patients/year total 

  • 70% of our patients are women and children


  • 3 Formal Schools: 1,270 students/year total

  • 180 Informal (Home) Schools: 8,380 students/year total

  • 70% of our students are girls

Vocational Training

  • 6 Vocational Centers which have served over 2,000 young adults to date

  • 80% of our students are young women

HOPE USA's supporters are Proctor & Gamble, Target, US Aid, UNICEF, Embassy of Japan, Center for Disease Control, World Food Program, Payal, Barclays Bank, HSBC, IDRF, OMV, and Asia Petroleum.

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